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Nậm Lúc Kindergarten School

Youth Initiative Program

The Gravity Water Youth Initiative Program (GWYI) empowers young leaders to become active players in resolving the Global Water Crisis. It fosters inclusivity, global citizenship, and equitable access to opportunities. Youth Initiative Coordinators work with K-12 students to raise funds and sponsor sister school clean water projects in countries like Vietnam to secure safe drinking water for children in need.​ By combining education, leadership, fundraising, and awareness, the Youth Initiative Program provides students with the tools and experience to become true global leaders of change.

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About the program

Youth Initiative Program: 2022-2023 Highlights

​Nậm Lúc Kindergarten School

Nậm Lúc Kindergarten School was sponsored by Walla Walla High School in Washington, who raised over $3000 during their fundraising efforts. Because of their hard work, 249 students and community members now have access to clean water in the community of Bắc Hà, Vietnam!

Dền Sáng Primary and Secondary School

Dền Sáng Primary and Secondary School was sponsored by Aptos High School and UCSB Model UN. Together, they were able to provide 452 students with access to clean water in the community of Bát Xát, Vietnam. Aptos HS continues to have an impact as a returning school partner with Gravity Water for 2023-24.









What is the Gravity Water Youth Initiative (GWYI) Program?

The Gravity Water Youth Initiative is a program where students in the U.S. can directly impact the lives of students at schools suffering water insecurity. Through the support of Gravity Water's Youth Initiative Coordinators (interns), K-12 students work together to develop educational fundraising campaigns with the goal of sponsoring an entire Gravity Water Clean Water system for a school in need.

The Gravity Water Youth Initiative program works in partnership with school administration, clubs, groups, and classes in both private and public K-12 schools within the U.S. We have worked with student organizations such as ASB, Interact Clubs, Key Clubs, Public Health Clubs, and Environmental Clubs and welcome any group of students who are excited about the Gravity Water Youth Initiative program and making a difference in the lives of their peers across the world.

Benefits to College Students

The Gravity Water Youth Initiative provides a unique opportunity for students to gain an unforgettable internship experience in making a difference in the world in a tangible, real way.

Benefits for our interns include:

  • Applying real-world leadership experience

  • Creating a positive, global impact

  • Completing community service hours

  • Participating in team hands-on, experiential learning

  • Boosting resume experience and networking

The Gravity Water Youth Initiative Program is also a helpful tool and resource for teachers to teach their students about philanthropy, environmental issues, and the Global Water Crisis.


Interested in becoming a Youth Inititive Coordinator or recommending a K-12 school for our program? Complete the form below and we will follow up with you to answer any questions you may have.

Thank you for your interest!

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