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Building Water Security through Rain.

Building Water Security through Rain.

Gravity Water provides schools with innovative rainwater harvesting and water treatment technologies.

Climate Action

Enhancing Climate Resilience for At-Risk Communities through an Integrated Rainwater Harvesting Approach.

Safe Water Access

Using Human-Centered Design to Create Safe Water Access for Schools, from Urban Communities to Last-Mile.

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Gravity Water Impact

Our Impact


Students Provided Safe Drinking Water


Litres of Ground and Surface Water Conserved


Communities Served


in Potential Water Savings for Schools

Classy Awards 2023

Where We Operate

Gravity Water currently focuses its efforts in the Asia-Pacific Region, with established operations in Nepal and Vietnam. Over the next six months, Gravity Water is expanding pilots to Taiwan, Malaysia, and Indonesia through corporate support.

For rainwater harvesting initiatives in Latin America, please visit Gravity Water's strategic partner Isla Urbana.

Water security for schools

The Challenge

Today, billions of people lack access to a safe and reliable source of water. Climate change is making this challenge an up-hill battle, reducing water security and safe water access for urban cities, last-mile communities, and everywhere in between.

Our Impact

Our Impact


Gravity Water's intervention helps schools keep water in the ground and provide safe drinking water to students for under $1 per child per year. Gravity Water is currently scaling its impact to benefit public infrastructure throughout the Asia-Pacific region, with a focus on at-risk communities.

The Solution

As water patterns become less reliable and dependency on water increases, finding ways to keep water in the ground is critical. Gravity Water believes the solution is found in using rain as an integrated practice of daily life and a common water source for rural and urban areas.

The Future


Gravity Water is currently transitioning from a singular focus on safe drinking water at schools to a holistic focus on water security for all public and private infrastructure. Gravity Water is working on a moonshot to bring rainwater harvesting to one million structures by 2030 through a collaborative funding model. 

Our Technology and Approach

Gravity Water focuses on a low-technology approach to safe and sustainable water access through combining rainwater harvesting, elevated storage, and gravity-fed filtration.

Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting

On average, our projects provide schools with enough rain to fulfill over 50% of their water demand each year.

Water filtration System

Sustainable Treatment

Our treatment technology removes taste, odor, metals, chemicals, parasities, and >99.9% of viruses and pathogens that cause water-related illness.

Water-loss Reduction

Water-loss Reduction

Gravity Water helps schools operate more efficiently by centralizing their water system and providing water conservation tools.

Collaborative Data Collection

Collaborative Data Collection

Transparent data collection, monitoring, and reporting, allowing continuous insight on the effectiveness of the organization's solution. 

Support Our Work

Gravity Water's technology can provide safe drinking water to a child in need for less than $1 per child per year, over a 12-year period. This includes a one-time $8 per child cost to install a Gravity Water system, and a $0.20 per child per year ($50-$60 per school per year) recurring cost for filter replacements and maintenance.

Help Make a Difference

Help Us Make a Difference

Join us in our mission to provide safe drinking water to rural communities in Asia. Your donation can make a difference in the lives of these communities.

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