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Gravity Water launched its efforts in Vietnam in 2017. As a locally-registered INGO, Gravity Water works through supporting local stakeholders in expanding climate resilience and water security for schools in need.


climate-resilient water systems
improved water access
Groundwater conservation
Improved water supply
Water cost savings

In 2017, Gravity Water launched the Vietnam Initiative to expand its water relief efforts to communities in Vietnam. Gravity Water worked with local companies and communities to create an impact that could be managed, maintained, and sustained by the local communities throughout the future. With Vietnam receiving a large amount of rainfall each year, and with rainwater harvesting being a common cultural practice for communities throughout Vietnam, Gravity Water had a natural and welcomed approach to providing clean water to schools in need.

Currently, Gravity Water has operations throughout northwestern Vietnam, and is currently expanding its program services throughout the southern regions surrounding Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong River Delta.


Gravity Water's solution provides a daily source of safe drinking water to children in need for less than $1 per child per year.

Become a Gravity Water Member by signing up for a monthly donation of $8 or more.

Our Projects

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