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Since 2017, Gravity Water has worked with over 60 schools and communities in Vietnam, providing a daily source of safe drinking water to over 31,000 Vietnamese children and community members.


Schools provided safe drinking water systems


Children provided access to safe drinking water

10 million

Liters of ground and surface water conserved


Dollars saved in drinking water costs by schools to date

In 2017, Gravity Water launched the Vietnam Initiative to expand its water relief efforts to communities in Vietnam. Gravity Water worked with local companies and communities to create an impact that could be managed, maintained, and sustained by the local communities throughout the future. With Vietnam receiving a large amount of rainfall each year, and with rainwater harvesting being a common cultural practice for communities throughout Vietnam, Gravity Water had a natural and welcomed approach to providing clean drinking water to schools in need.

Currently, Gravity Water has operations in the Lào Cai, Hà Nam, and Hòa Bình Provinces. Gravity Water is currently expanding its program services throughout the Northwestern Region, with a focus on rural "last mile" communities in the mountainous regions of Northern Vietnam. Additionally, Gravity Water is planning on expanding to the North Central Coast and Mekong River Delta Region within the coming years. 


Gravity Water's solution provides a daily source of safe drinking water to children in need for less than $1 per child per year.

Become a Gravity Water Member by signing up for a monthly donation of $8 or more.

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